NEW RELEASE: Music of the Soul by Katie Ashley

Title: Music of the Soul (Runaway Train #2.5)
Author: Katie Ashley
Published: Dec. 30, 2013

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Night Out Love

Night Out Love

Mint green prom dress

Sequin prom dress
$74 –

Pink dress
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Black gold dress
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Red layered dress
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Nly Shoes platform shoes
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Charlotte Russe nude pumps

BLOGMAS #21- Gift Ideas for Book Lovers.

Gift Ideas for Book Lovers.

BLOGMAS #20- Gifts Under $50 for HER.

Gifts Under $50

BLOGMAS #18- Bourjois *NEW* 8-1 Bronzing BB Cream Review

Hi lovelies,

Its been books books books for the past few days, but I thought I would review a beauty IMG_8468product today. Today I will be reviewing the new Bourjois Bronzing BB Cream. It’s getting so close to Christmas too..

Ok, I’ll say I was skeptical when I heard of this product. Who would have thought of a Bronzing BB Cream.

Bourjois has just released a Bronzing BB Cream. I got the light shade. I have to say I am impressed. The BB Cream is described as being an 8-1 cream.

It has a sheer tint. When I first used the pump and the shade it came out, I was nearly scared. The key however is  a little goes a long way and to blend it well. I have tested it a few times with a few different foundations and it works best with a matte foundation that is not dewy. It works well with medium to full coverage. I wouldn’t suggest using it with light coverage as it is quit obvious because of the shades.

I definitely think this product has given my skin a boost in radiance and an overall bronzing glow. It can be beneficial for both contouring and a full face bronze. It depends on what your normal bronzing routine is. I will say, it is important to BLEND. As it is a product that because its liquid, it can attach to certain areas if you don’t blend properly.

This is a great product for the summer months in Australia. It has a SPF 15 and the fragrance is quit distinct. I am not 100% if it will prolong a tan because I haven’t seen that in the difference. It does create a smooth finish and is just a really nice bronzing cream.

Overall, although I was very skeptical about this product. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend this product if you are interested in the bronzed look for summer. It retails for $24 at Priceline Australia.





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BLOGMAS #17- Giveaway WINNERS!

Hi lovelies,

Todays post is going to be a winners wrap of all those who have won prizes in my giveaways.

First off is my Christmas/Birthday Giveaway

Winner 1 + 2 – Jay McLean Ebook: Mary Lowery &  Vera Machado (You can pick whether you want More Than Her or More Than This)

Winner 3- Kelly Elliott “Broken” Ebook: Andy Mardlow

Winner 4- Kirsty Moseley “Nothing Left to Lose” Ebook: Jenny Marks

Winner 5- Sandi Lynn “Forever Us” Ebook: Nicole Newman

Winner 6- K.A Robinson “Shattered Ties” Ebook : Erin Jennings

Winner 7- Jessica Harrington – Like my Facebook page. You can pick which Ebook you would like out of selection of giveaways.

Winner 8- Emma Hart “Second Chance Summers” Ebook : Fiona Bryant

Winner 9- Blog Post : Jess Fitzpatrick: You can pick which Ebook you would like out of selection of giveaways.

Winner 10-  G.J Walker-Smith “Storm Shells” Ebook : Angie Dubisher

WINNERS OF G.J Walker Smith Giveaway

(International) Signed Book Plates – Gillian Gilkes & Paige Clayton

(International) Signed Bookmarks – Daisy Padilla & Anissa Foster

(Australia) Signed Copy of “Storm Shells” – Stacey Clifford

(Australia) Signed Book Plate- Vera Villanueva

(Australia) Signed Postcard – Sue Droscher & Jess Lunniss-Read

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Winners will be contacted tomorrow morning.

Thank you all for participating in the giveaways.



BLOGMAS 16- 25 Days of Book Boyfriends: Adam Decaire

Hi Lovelies,

Book BF Banner

Welcome to my stop of the 25 days of Book Boyfriends brought by some great bloggers Lovin’ Los Libros, Teresa from Readers Live a 1000 Lives and Chelsea from Starbucks & Books Obsession! This event I had a specific character I totally wanted to gush about. I can’t tell you how much I love Adam Decaire. First of all, the Wishes series is one of my all time favourite series. G.J Walker Smith has captured the hearts of so many. I thought for my stop I would share a few of my favourite quotes that made me fall in love with him and answer a few questions to do with why he is a favourite book boyfriend of mine.

So first being Who is Adam Decaire and Why do I love him?

Adam Decaire comes looking for something he doesn’t even realise. A postcard leads him to visit his cousin with a turn of events that he would not have expected. I love him because he shows how no one is perfect but a gentleman can show you how to fall in love and make you smile without even saying anything.

One of my favourite quotes from Adam is so simple yet so complicated.

“Forgetting you was never going to happen. There’s just no getting around it- or over it, apparently. That’s why I’m here right? You ran and I chased you.” He sounded annoyed at himself, as if following me home proved a lack of willpower on his part.
Second Hearts- Book 2.

This is one of my favourite quotes because it shows the passion Charli and Adam have that they won’t let go of it.

Adam loves Charli even if her magical ways sometimes get her in trouble.

“So if they’re beautiful, what does that make you?”
I wasn’t expecting the question. Adam waited, not watching me.
“Big Trouble,” I announced, flashing my wickedest grin.
The corner of his mouth lifted just enough to reveal the dimple on his right cheek. “Really?”
“Huge Trouble.” I warned, throwing back my head and drawing out the words.
“I’ll consider myself warned,” he chuckled.
Saving Wishes- Book 1
“What are you doing here, Charli?” Adam asked, pacing around and looking anywhere but up.    “Taking pictures.”
He stopped pacing. “Trouble just finds, you, doesn’t it?”
“Yes, Adam. Like Magic,” I replied matching his snippy tone.
Second Hearts- Book 2.

He can’t stay away from love.

“Why are we here then, pretending to drink tea?”
He almost smiled. “Because I’m having trouble staying away from you.”
“That’s because you love me.”
“Yes,” he conceded.
Second Hearts- Book 2.

He doesn’t give up on something that he loves.

“So there’s hope for us yet.” I kissed the corner of her mouth. “All I have to do is keep coming back with rocks.”
“There’s always hope for us, Adam,” she said seriously. “No matter what.”

He has a way with words that makes us all swoon.

“No, Charli,” I confirmed, smiling at her. “I’m counting my lucky stars right now, You’ve given me everything.”
“What happens now?”
I put my hand on top of hers, leaned across and kissed her. “I’m going to spend the rest of my life giving you both everything.”

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P.S It’s my birthday today, I feel like I am getting older and I wish I could be Peter Pan and stay young forever 😀